Partner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Business Partners and Nonprofits

Learn more about the Delray Beach Experience VIP Membership program by reviewing the questions and answers below.

What is the cost to become a partner?

  • During our launch period, we are pleased to offer area businesses the opportunity to participate at no cost.

Are all business applications approved?

  • Not all businesses are a good fit for our program. We evaluate each business to ensure fit, quality, and value for our members.

How do I manage my business information?

  • Initially, we will collect your business information when you apply. In the future, you will be able to manage your business information through your account on our website.

What type of offer do I have to make?

  • You are free to offer any discount you would like. Obviously the more attractive the offer, the more likely customers will be to visit your business.

Can I change my offer?

How is the Program being promoted?

  • We have existing relationships with Old School Square, Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, Atlantic Ave Magazine, Pineapple Grove Art District, Roots and Wings and other local community partners.

What do I need to do to participate?

  • When VIP Members visit your business, you or your staff should check the card on the customer’s app to ensure their membership is valid (has not expired).

How does the program work?

  • Delray Beach Experience is the new digital guide to Delray Beach and beyond. The app (for iOS and Android) offers a curated list of unique experiences, information, and value. The Delray Beach Experience app is free for everyone to download and use. Users can upgrade and become a VIP Member (monthly or annual) to unlock exclusive values on dining, shopping, spas, and more.

Can I sell Delray Beach Experience Memberships to Raise Funds for My Organization?

  • Yes. If you’re interested in selling Delray Beach Experience memberships, contact us to learn more.

How long do VIP Memberships last?

  • We offer flexible VIP Membership options. You can purchase either a  monthly or annual membership to unlock exclusive values on dining, shopping, spas, and more.