Raise Funds for Your Organization

The Delray Beach Experience provides 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations an opportunity to raise funds by offering VIP Memberships to their members.

Supporters don’t always donate when asked, but they do shop, eat, and experience Delray Beach. Supporters can now contribute to your nonprofit, by doing these things while saving money too.

How We Help

We provide a new revenue opportunity with no start up costs, risk or obligation.

We help local charities, national nonprofits, foundations and any 501 (c)(3) organizations.

What We Offer

The Delray Beach Experience website and iOS app provide useful information about Delray Beach businesses, events and entertainment.

Our website and app are free to use for both tourists and residents alike.

Users can unlock the full power of the program by purchaseing a Delray Beach Experience VIP Membership. VIP Members receive special savings from all of our business partners.

How the Program Works for You

Step 1

Apply to be a nonprofit partner.

  • There is no cost or obligation.
  • We will provide you with a unique referral code.

Step 2

Share the Delray Beach Experience program, along with your referal code.

  • Share the program online through email, your website etc.
  • Send or post a promotional flyer (we can provide for you)

Step 3

When your supporters purchase a Delray Beach Experience VIP Membership using your code, your organization receives a portion of the proceeds.

  • Your referral code offers your supporters a reduced price and allows us to track the number of sales your organization refers.

Tell your members about the Delray Beach Experience program. Give them your special code to receive your special non-profit pricing.

Your organization members download the app from the Apple App Store and enter your group’s special referral code when creating an account.

If your supporters choose to become a Delray Beach Experience Member, they will receive a special price and your group will earn part of the sale.

Members must use your organization’s referral code when purchasing.

This is what allows them to receive your groups special price. Your code is also what allows us to give you credit for the sale.

Questions? Email or call us today, 561-926-9777.